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Ryan Shiplett

While attending Schoolcraft College, Ryan was undecided with the direction of his professional future. In late 2000 he had a chance encounter with a guy he wrestled (and pinned) in high school, who also has a small local lawn service. Ryan asked if he was interested in selling his business and after a few days of negotiating, RS Lawn Care was established in early 2001. Since 2001 Ryan has made RS Lawn Care grow from 30 clients, to over 400 clients, making RS one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the local area.

On August 20th 2016, surrounded by loved ones, Ryan married the love of his life Mina in Akumal Mexico. Together they have 3 children together… Two little boys named Evan and Dylan… And a little girl named Olive aka pitty, who is a certified therapy dog. 

Olive Shiplett Best Lawn Care LivoniaOlive Shiplett

One of the most valued employees of RS Lawn Care & Landscaping is Olive. Born on 10/29/12, Olive is a Pitty that Ryan rescued from Fetch Dog Rescue when she was just 9 weeks old. Olive is well trained and knows many tricks. As she got a little older, Olive decided that she wanted to go into the sales field. You can often find Olive assisting Ryan close deals. As of September 2015, Olive became a certified therapy dog. She volunteers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia. Keep your eye out for this cute pup.



Jared Bowers
Mowing Manager

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Javier Ramos Godinez
Maintenance Manager

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Charles “Chuck” Bond
Mowing Team Leader

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Justin Gasaway
Mowing Team Leader

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Tyler Bowers
Floating Team Leader

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Joseph “Jojo” Figueora
Mowing Tech

James Duncan
Mowing Tech

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Greg Krischer
Mowing Tech

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