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Ryan Shiplett

While attending Schoolcraft College, Ryan was undecided with the direction of his professional future. In late 2000 he had a chance encounter with a guy he wrestled (and pinned) in high school, who also has a small local lawn service. Ryan asked if he was interested in selling his business and after a few days of negotiating, RS Lawn Care was established in early 2001. Since 2001 Ryan has made RS Lawn Care grow from 30 clients, to over 300 clients, making RS one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the local area.

On August 20th 2016, surrounded by loved ones, Ryan married the love of his life Mina in Akumal Mexico. Together they have 3 children together… Two little boys named Evan and Dylan… And a little girl named Olive aka pitty, who is a certified therapy dog. 

Olive Shiplett Best Lawn Care LivoniaOlive Shiplett

One of the most valued employees of RS Lawn Care & Landscaping is Olive. Born on 10/29/12, Olive is a Pitty that Ryan rescued from Fetch Dog Rescue when she was just 9 weeks old. Olive is well trained and knows many tricks. As she got a little older, Olive decided that she wanted to go into the sales field. You can often find Olive assisting Ryan close deals. As of September 2015, Olive became a certified therapy dog. She volunteers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia. Keep your eye out for this cute pup.



Jared Bowers
Mowing Manager

Ryan has been good friends with Jared’s mom since before he was even born. Jared’s older brother had worked landscaping for Ryan a couple of summers and when he was looking for new guys Jared was put on his mind. Ironically, Jared had quit his job as a fry cook just days before Ryan drove by his house while he was cutting his own lawn. At the time Ryan needed landscaping workers and Jared didn’t hesitate to take the job. Jared enjoys making music on his computer, playing with his dogs, and going to concerts.


This is an image of Charles "Chuck" Bond

Charles “Chuck” Bond
Crew Leader

I’m native American.  My tribe is Seneca nation. The tribes main location is in Salamanca New York (by the Allegheny Mountains).  We try to go there at least twice a year to visit family and relax in our homeland.

I’m engaged to my beautiful fiance’ Sarah. Together we have two kids, one being our son Chucky (b.2017) who is growing too darn fast and my other son is 6 yr. old pitbull named Rocky. We love going fishing, swimming, hiking, bike rides, road trips and family orientated things on a daily basis.


An image of Justin Gasaway.

Justin Gasaway
Crew Leader

Justin is a graduate from Franklin High School in Livonia and grew up in Newburgh United Methodist Church, where his father is an active Deacon. Even though he’s an avid Notre Dame fan his mother has worked for the University of Michigan for the past 23 years. Justin loves playing pickup basketball with his younger brother and friends; he is also an expert at the card games Euchre, Spades, and Uno.


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